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We've rebranded: Frank's Distributing of Product LLC is now Franks Distributing, Inc!

Franks Farms | 10/21/2021


Why the Change?

This is more than a brand change – it is our commitment to keep innovation and health standards at the forefront of our operations, it is also polishing our internal processes. We’ve come a long way since Frank's Distributing of Produce, LLC was founded in the 70's and felt that our former logo, images, illustrations, and colors didn’t represent who we are anymore.

Originally, we focused on tomato sales, but since then we’ve bridged the connection between our farms and our distribution centers leading to diversified product offerings and solutions designed to strengthen your supply chain by increasing efficiencies, and providing customized solutions.

The inspiration behind the logo

We went back to the roots and all the seeds of it all. The new look was designed with an organic artistic approach while keeping the company’s key values in mind: sustainably grown produce, diverse offerings year-round and being family owned with a combined 100+ years of organic fresh produce experience.

Note to our clients

Our company name has been changed as follows:

From: Frank’s Distributing of Produce, LLC

To: Frank’s Distributing, Inc.

Please update your records accordingly and to address all future business correspondence to our new company name. Please note that all invoices should now be issued using the new company name.

Wrapping up

Whether you’ve known us for a while or are meeting us today for the first time, we’ve changed a lot, but we’re still the same team working hard to push the boundaries and cultivate the best produce, packed full of flavor and nutrition. We’re just doing it in style.

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We've rebranded: Frank's Distributing of Product LLC is now Franks Distributing, Inc!


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